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Pilgrim Grandmothers Four
Friday, October 17, 2014
Plymouth District Court
Energy-real positive life sustaining energy- is gathering for the Grandmothers’ trial.  Come to the trial and stand up for a safe and healthy today and tomorrow.  We will  allow neither the corporation nor the government  to deny us our right to health and safety for the profits of Entergy. We have a moral imperative to act now. Let’s all stand up together!
On Friday, Dr. Helen Caldicott will testify on the health and medical consequences of nuclear power.  On Monday, American Friends Service Committee Director Dr. Joseph Gerson will testify on the tradition and success of civil disobedience. Witness list will be updated at the Cape Downwinder website.
The schedule includes:
*rally across the street from the courthouse from 8-9 AM
*trial begins at 9:00 AM
*press conference after the rally at the courthouse
*gather in Plymouth for a march after court
*potluck dinner at First Parish Plymouth UU 6:00-7:15 PM
*Dr. Helen Caldicott presentation at 7:30 PM
Donations are greatly appreciated to help cover our costs.
Please send to:
Cape Downwinders
56 Hillcrest Drive
Harwich, MA 02645
*****Please go to Cape Downwinders Facebook page/like/share the flyers for both events.
Please check the website for the day schedule, what to expect at court, and updates.

Occupy Falmouth on the Green
We support the Occupy Wall Street movement, which was set in motion as a challenge to corporate America’s influence on government and the immoral income and wealth disparity between the country’s poor and rich.
We reject a system that is stacked in favor of the richest 1% of Americans – at the expense of the other 99% of us.

Donations to Occupy Falmouth are gratefully accepted. Please make checks payable to “Occupy Falmouth”. Mailing address: 82 Lakeview Ave., Falmouth, MA 02540 or donate online:
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Occupy Falmouth does not endorse or criticize any political parties or candidates, nor will we publish any content which specifically endorses or criticizes any political party or candidate.

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